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As an attorney with years of experience working in criminal defense, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is that we reform the way our criminal justice system interacts with those who appear in court. Our courts should be first and foremost compassionate and progressive in their values, and I will continue to work with prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and defendants alike to best serve justice to those who are harmed and ensure that individuals are not wrongly ensnared in the legal system. I am committed to cultivating a courtroom that focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment: I strongly believe in restorative justice, and look forward to working with local elected officials, community leaders, and all Washtenaw residents to make that vision a reality.


Since opening my practice in 2013, I have been a loud advocate for modernizing Michigan’s laws and ensuring that our state is as welcoming as it can be. The legislature has taken a big step in getting rid of antiquated laws such as the 1932 ban on abortion, but there is still more work to be done. As Judge, I will use my platform to fight for a legal system that treats people fairly and with compassion, and I will work with local leaders and community members to support these standards for criminal and civil justice in Washtenaw County. We need to be forward-moving and problem solving. 


As one of the largest recipients of public tax dollars in Washtenaw County, our court system should be affordable and accessible for all residents regardless of their background. It is imperative that we lower costs associated with appearing in court, and that we efficiently administer the court’s duties in order to maximize the use of taxpayer dollars. I will continue to support the use of gender neutral language, and gender neutral bathrooms, as well as communication methods for those who speak and read a primary language other than English. I will work to ensure our buildings are accessible to those with physical disabilities and accommodate individuals who are vision or hearing impaired. I will work with staff to ensure that my courtroom is as modern and environmentally friendly as possible.


As part of a public institution, providing exemplary services will be at the heart of my mission as Judge. When you walk into my courtroom, I will meet where you are, regardless of your circumstances. The services our courts provide should, at their core, be designed to serve our community as equitably and empathetically as we possible. As Judge, I will work with local attorneys to promote and encourage pro bono work. Throughout my career,  I have always allocated time and attention to pro bono work because I firmly believe one of the most important aspects of the legal field is giving back to the community and those we serve.


Diversity is essential in any county, and I want to help Washtenaw County stand out in our state as a leader and example of supporting diverse perspectives. As Judge, I want to amplify diverse perspectives inside and outside of the courtroom. 

Understanding that many residents of Washtenaw County come from different backgrounds and experiences, our court system should be inclusive of all. I will work to include the perspective of individuals of all backgrounds—racial, cultural, geographic, or otherwise—in the courtroom. It is important that judges are continually aware of and educated on recognizing implicit bias and how it may become enmeshed in our court systems. It is also important that we address the limitations on tools and resources to various court processes. We need to support those who primarily speak a language other than English by providing oral and written translation services.  We must provide accommodations for those with disabilities, as well as those with hearing and vision impairments.

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